Riding a bike is fun, but the monotony of the urban world catches up pretty soon. Our favorite weekend route starts becoming repetitive soon, and we crave for a different road, different vistas.

Now imagine riding through some lovely winding country roads, past beautiful lakes and forests. With the wind on your back and the hills testing your legs. The rain, the sun, the wind, the forests, the countryside, the hills. The people you ride with and the people you meet. Our tours lead you to experience things in a way that changes you, at least a bit. The routes are inspired by our background in touring and are designed for road and gravel bikes. We like to stay away from highways, absolutely love country roads and have the penchant for hills.

Meghalaya : Chasing Clouds

9th to 16th Oct 2022, India

A cycling adventure in Meghalaya is truly adventurous, with unrivalled scenery and extraordinary cultural experience. As you ride, narrow winding roads cling on to the mist-covered mountains, and waterfalls and streams give you company. For those who love to climb, this is a tour with no flat sections, only uphill and downhill.

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Mae Hong Son Challenge

16th to 23rd Dec 2022, Thailand

Looking for a cycling challenge that could give you the bragging rights like no other? The Mae Hong Son Hills Ride in North-Eastern Thailand climbs an astonishing 12,000 + meters of elevation over 620 km. With spectacular valley views, mist covered mountains and khao soi to die for, this is dream cycling holiday.

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Tour of Northern Thailand

28th Jan to 3rd Feb 2023, Thailand

You love to ride through the mist covered mountains, but thats not going to stop you from an impromptu tea tasting session in the town market. You love to explore the winding village road that follows the river, but won't mind stopping by an orange orchard enroute. You are not a tourist, you are an explorer.

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