ABC Wanderer Leather Model 15 Saddle
ABC Wanderer Leather Model 15 Saddle
ABC Wanderer Leather Model 15 Saddle

ABC Wanderer Leather Model 15 Saddle

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ABC stands for Acoustic Bicycle Components. Our goal with the ABC range is to source components that are good quality at an unbeatable price. We don't have a product engineering team here so don't expect original designs. We select readily available products that are good for the category and cut all the costs we don't think as essential (branding, advertising, packaging or high quality product images even) to offer you the best value.

The Wanderer saddle is meant for a relaxed ride. Think upright commuter or a touring bike. It is similar in shape to a Brooks B17. There are a few key differences though. The rail length is longer – about 10mm. This gives you more setback or nose forward, which can be quite useful when dialing in your fit. Second, the Model 15 has a pebbled surface that provides enough texture to prevent the slipperiness that some experience with smooth leather saddles.  Third, it comes with pre-laced tensioning that will keep the saddle from flaring over time. Another welcome feature is the tensioning fitting that uses a standard hex key.

All Wanderer saddles feature chromed rivets, side lacing, saddlebag loops. In our experience, the break-in period is longer than a B17 saddle. However, the saddle is just as comfortable and seems to hold it shape longer than the B17s of today. 

Maintenance - we recommend the Saddle cream from Velo Orange to keep your leather saddle (or leather boots or belt) in good shape. Think of it like moisturizing or oiling your skin. If everything looks and feels smooth, no cream is required. If things are looking a bit dry, apply a bit of the cream, let it sit for a bit and wipe the excess off. One container of the cream should last many years. 

Do not let your leather saddle get soaking wet, it will lose its shape. If your bike has fenders or mudguards, riding in light rain should be okay. Since you are sitting on the saddle the top should be protected, the fenders will keep spray from hitting the bottom. If you do not have fenders or are riding in heavy rain, just use any plastic bag over the saddle to keep it dry. It will be a bit slippery to sit on, but it's not too bad. It's certainly better than dealing with a soggy saddle. 

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